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Communication theory of gene expressions in political science with clinical manifestations and the Israeli bio-NET.

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Nature has a huge investment in the species known as human.    As such,  Nature protects its biological systems and the associated symbolic  processing  systems  of  those few humans  that respect NATURE and its social engineering projects and brain engineering projects.    The majority of humans do NOT care  about such philosophical matters.

Let's look at modern gene political science messages.
First, let's look at the 2 formats of gene expressions

1) traditional biology and genetics of physical biochemistry molecular structures of the INTERNAL  government in the human body. The INTERNAL government has thoughts and messages that it wishes to communicate to the EXTERNAL world ....comprised of human daily life, work , grocery shopping, going to a movie, etc.

2) The humans agents for the INTERNAL government  that are used to express GENE messages have external proper noun names that appear in the EXTERNAL world ...and are displayed on television or printed in newspapers.   These are EXTERNAL formats of GENE expression.

Let's look at the process ...with some data examples  and some traditional CLUES  from the
excellent H
EMATOLOGY textbook by McKenzie.


Above ...the last 2 lines  state concepts:
-->  gene expression

--> clinical manifestation 
--> or stage of development 

Thus we are reminded of  genetic literary expression  of William Shakespeare "
....................." The WORLD is a stage and we are the players"

Had the terminology and concepts of year 2000 been available 400 years ago, he may have written
"The WORLD is in a stage of development and we are the gene processing layers".

Let's look at the stage of development of Washington, DC  biochemistry and genetic social engineering thoughts.

Clinical Manifestation  ....algebra  SUBSET WORDS  ....
Clin       Man                 giving CLUES to a biochemistry  demo agent
Clinton   Man  

42nd President of the United States
In office
January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001
Vice PresidentAl Gore
Preceded byGeorge H. W. Bush
Succeeded byGeorge W. Bush
40th and 42nd Governor of Arkansas
In office
January 11, 1983 – December 12, 1992
LieutenantWinston Bryant
Jim Tucker

50th Attorney General of Arkansas
In office
January 3, 1977 – January 9, 1979

Personal details
BornWilliam Jefferson Blythe III
(1946-08-19) August 19, 1946 (age 65)
Hope, Arkansas, U.S.
Political partyDemocratic

Alma materGeorgetown University
University College, Oxford
Yale Law School
SignatureCursive signature in ink

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III; August 19, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the 

NOTE: The 42nd President is a signal to astrophysics President "The Hawk" born in year 1942

NOTE:   42 implies 4 DNA nucleotides  and 2 implies Double-helix governments of Nature.. 
NOTE: 42 --> implies Earth special  TIME ZONE of 42nd Street, Manhattan with  the TIME 
equation known as  Time Squared -->  Base 4  time exponent 2 --> Base 16 HEX time .....and the shooting tragedy of the HEX Time war signal of  April 16, 2007 at Virgin TECH university in  Blacksburg Virginia...... in the region of  the  special  TIME undercover operation at:
Quantico = Quan + ti + co =- Quantum time code project with the mathematical-physics FBI = FermiLAB,  Batavia, Illinois.. 

NOTE: His vice president was Al Gore ...Nature's representative for.............

  1. Genetic algorithm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    In the computer science field of artificial intelligence, a genetic algorithm (GA) is a search heuristic that mimics the process of natural evolution. This heuristic is ...

    1. PDF]

      Gene Expression Programming
      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
      by C Ferreira - 2001 - Cited by 882 - Related articles
      Gene expression programming, a genotype/phenotype genetic algorithm (linear and ramified), is presented here for the first time as a new technique for the ..


Now, President Clinton Commander-in-Chief  of
Gene    structures  .....known  by their Earth LAB  experimental identifiers ........

    Dec 28, 2011 – With the Iraq war over and troops in Afghanistan on their way home, the U.S. military is culling generals and admirals from its top-heavy ranks.

    Biographies : BRIGADIER GENE         STEP › InformationBiographiesCached
    General Denker entered the Air Force in 1986 as a distinguished graduate of the Air ... Defense Agency, and the Special Programs organization at the Pentagon.


    Biographies : LIEUTENANT GENE › InformationBiographiesCached - Similar
    Lt. Gen. Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr. is Director, Defense Information Systems ... He leads a global organization of military and civilian personnel who plan, ... Communications and Computer Systems (C4), Joint Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

    Biographies : MAJOR GENE  › InformationBiographiesCached - Similar
    photo of MAJOR GENERAL SHARON K.G. DUNBAR ... Prior to her current assignment, General Dunbar served as Director of Manpower, Organization and ... Liaison, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 6.

    Gene     Dunbar served as Director of  power  Organ and ...
    Liaison, Office of the Secret  of the Air  , the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 6.

The Pentagon's Biggest Overrun: Way Too Many GeneralsThe Pentagon's Biggest Overrun: Way Too Many Gene The Pentagon's                       run: Way                   Gene
The Pentagon's                       run: Way 26 Lexicon Gene

Thus the Pentagon is really  an  EXTERNAL image of the  INTERNAL biology gene military structure....they are mirrors and have  a bi-directional relationship  .....that requires accurate intellectual thoughts about the Social  Contract of John Locke  and  the  fundamental philosophy of society.
The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.
The Pen         is the head                                             Department of Defense.

Thus we see the INTELLECTUAL WAR of the modern Science Wars.

Area: 41 acres (17 ha)
Height: 75 feet (23 m)
Phone: (703) 697-1776
Address: 1600 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-1600
Architectural styles: Modern architecture, Classical Revival

Address refers to the H.G.Wells Time Machine from year  1895 ... ..better known today as Computer Earth's system 370  TIME Computer.

Address 1600 refers to year 1600 and William Shakespeare...... a major eye/optical nerve project  milestone expressor for Nature ......also,
Base 16 hexadecimal projects  and
1600 = 16 oxygen orbitals of the LUNG OM = Oxygen Molecule data processing unit  

From the Earth LAB view of Sartre multi-faceted existentialism ....with 11-dimensions of string theory physics ......and the living EARTH cell model with subset humans and subset objects (automobiles and buildings)    and the Theory of Everything (physics) we  have
gene rearrangement signals  ...................such as
gene  rear ---> tragic events of the gene social engineering  war of LIES and BULL-stories.

gene rear --> automobile driver brain genes ordered to rear-end the Ford Pinto...the deliberate causing of the accident.      mRNA was represented by humanoid law  messenger  R.Nader ...who omitted many facts of REALITY  from the trial....regarding CAUSE---> EFFECT of the gene wars upon driving behavior. 

gene rear --> the 3rd floor rear porch collapse in Chicago during a party. Several people got killed
 ....including a law student.  Message form the living EARTH cell  to the law schools, journalism schools, and business schools  in Chicago to clean up their   act ...regarding some  intellect  ERRORS that need fixing.

Above we have words ..benign lymphoproliferations. In communication theory of the INTERNAL biology government we have  ISRAEL   and their internal thoughts  and agents with identifiers::

Menaham  Begin --> Men --> Mental benign 

Yitzhak Shamir --> Sham mirror

Benjamin Netanyahu -->
Ben + Jam + min  Net -->
Bend jam mind NET --> Bio-computer InterNET  system using ancient brain neurotransmitters and other secrets of the Middle East.    Now, we have the proliferation of cell phones and the attack on molecular  CELL biology......and  intellectuals refuse to speak up. 

Thus we see the bio-computer NET tragedy at the experimental high school
..the NET  high school sacrifice  of Sam Hengel   
MariNET  High in Marinette Wisconsin   on Pierce Avenue.

EARTH LAB special projects.
Sam Hengel,  business law  and  PIERCE the corporate veil  of  the
communities secret business bio-communications systems.

The are 2 version of IS = Information Systems
IS + reality EXTERNAL  --> IS  real
IS rael       INTERNAL --> IS rael  and their neighbors ought  upgrade to modern Margaret Mead atomic and molecular political reality.  Nature decides the evolutionary directions of modern  philosophy....and the various groups around the world ought establish communications with the  modern Margaret Mead brain project.   Many groups have Carl Jung collective unconsciousness problems ...thus a lack of awareness of Nature's social engineering projects..

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