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The B.F.Skinner human infrared radiation communications war in Madison, Wisconsin revealed. The secrets of RD agents: Ogden, Berg, and Solomon.


Newspapers in Madison, Wisconsin provided an important CLUE in understanding  the human infrared radiation wars through-out the world.  The news reports described  Nature's  social science experiment in the Madison region....Nature's attempt to solve the infrared language problems ...that compete and attack the brain's English language bio-computer processor.
The human body is at 37.0 degrees Celsius temperature and emits  an infrared-heat radiation ...using the ancient primordial   languages of the human species.  Usage of these ancient languages  is forbidden  to dominate  modern societal decision making  by Nature. Nature expects usage of its  modern version of  the Central Nervous System 370 abstract  brain symbolic computer.

Thus we have a modern molecular communications experiments in Madison VIA human agents.

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Solomon -
Solomon -
Solomon -

Thus we see above human electrons get excited.
Also, we see that the  word:
electromagnetic  ....has   algebra  subset letters
.......roma..n..tic  --> romantic component of EM physics waves

Thus...we see a powerful  bio-physics field  ...
em = emotional force that  may give us important clues regarding  human conflicts and misunderstandings.

To demo this .....Nature's Darwinian selection process  selected a Madison assistant  city CLERK  to demo J. CLERK Maxwell  secret Hertzian  bio-electromagnetic equations of  social life and interaction.

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Thus above...we see the human social chemistry experiment ......Nature's double-bond configuration represented by
Alderman Solomon  (Solomon's Organic Chemistry textbook application)
CLERK  Elena Berg (J.CLERK Maxwell  undercover agent for the SUN  EM project  located in Sun Praire with Hubble(ton), Wisconsin  astronomy and Cambridge, Wisconsin astrophysics LINK to the West Road and Keck Furniture Observatory, Watertown   ......the supersymmetry  geo-physics   locations  for EARTH LAB parallel processing war data.

Below, we have  ......
.......Other Functional groups  ....
human ......Fun...........groups ......that is human skin ..body heat emissisons in the bedroom.
Thus we have  books on body languages and their visible geometry languages signals;
but, the body heat language interchange between two active human bodies in close proximity  ...that language is a well kept secret  at the University of Wisconsin and their friends in marketing/advertising and in some government subliminal MIND groups.

Thus below ...we see the
aldehyde  molecule and its human political representative....
alderman Solomon and the UW chemistry department political advisory committee for Solomon's textbook applications in Madison in the TENsor space/time  10th District.

Above, we see theoretical  chemistry ---> human physical chemistry --> social and political chemistry.
The periodic atomic table  government has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic molecular  organic chemistry structures  with a possible symbolic  brain  bio-computer. Such EARTH LAB entities are humanoids:    and the above shows the year 2007  Madison organic chemistry government  Common Council  election process.

The above chemistry theory states:

--> Group C O = Chris Ogden and the philosophy of agency ...expressed  his infrared spectroscopy attribute known as :   owner of Happy Heating and Air Conditioning  in the Dunn's Marsh neighborhood  in the experimental city of Madison.

--> alde   = alderman Solomon  for theoretical and applied chemistry politics
--> infrared spectroscopy with the SOLAR SYSTEM  daily sunlight represent by the photon/ electromagnetic agent  living in Sun Prairie and working in  Madison in the eye/optical nerve/symbolic  life  CITY of English nouns/ verbs/ numbers .....that is the CITY within  c = 186,000 the  velo.CITY of light and optical information systems of eye/ body skin.

Thus we have the
Tale  of  2 Cities ...the
Tale  of  2 Madison, Wisconsin

- geography map Madison on solid earth ground
- an optical nerve/brain city called ...... Madison in light wave formats

The battlefield  history of IR --> Infrared radiation  and its social /political manipulation language of the human body is well-known.   Newspaper  reports and professors do NOT reveal the secrets of their secret B.F. SKIN society......  of many B.F.Skinner social psychology box  experiments since 1947.

Another evolved  application of the B.F.Skinner  box experiment enhanced with  the  and Schrodinger box experiment is at
B. F. Skin  ... ............  atomic humanoid  RD project site
Batavia,  FermiLAB, Skin
.......................LAB  Skin --> Scientists kin /relatives of Margaret Mead atomic anthropology groups

The bedroom languages that  Solomon's chemistry agent  Alderman Solomon was investigating  needed an CLERK adult female clerk with pronoun  .... Her job (Hertizian  bio-wave optical computer job ) as a Madison  assistant CITY   CLERK.....enables those 2 secret agents for NATURE explain an ancient   bio-language structure of organic molecules.

Thus we see that the bio-computer structure of BERG  provides a computer platform fro the optical computer software to use/schedule jobs/etc ......very similar to copper wire computer technology.
Alderman Solomon ...has  bio-computer brain feature of BALD --> Basic Assembler Language version D  for humans...part of the Madison  system.  Madison is  the states bio-computer convergence center; bio-computer from various geography regions gather in Madison for their brain computer programming assembly instructions ......hence, the Wisconsin state assembly legislature  and its  manipulation by the university computer science department ....that make many    assembler language programming errors in their effort  to control and program the citizen  brain data  processing unit.     .

Above....... we now see...from the data provided by Nature's  agents  Solomon, Chris Ogden, Elena Berg and the 37.0 degrees Celsius human body temperature announcement by the Mayor VIA
his indirect message processing system ..............helps us understand the STEM  CELL    wars and the partial bull-stories ......

The  secret of STEM CELL wars involved word stems.. like the Latin prefix's and suffixes, etc and their manipulation by Virginia  TECH English department and their  WORD/graphics/type font    manipulator friends  in the advertising, marketing   and publishing industry.

Take English language word stem code --> IR  for Infra-red body heat secret alphabets

IR --> the world-wide bedroom war zone symbolized by the BED tribe of the Middle East and the wars in that geography region of Jordan  ....

IR --> IRAQ = Infrared   Angstroms  Queues

IR --> IRAN = Infra- red  Alphabets  & Numbers

Near this EARTH Lab geography region we have Nature's supplemental identifiers ......
EM = Electromagnetic human interaction --> United Arabic Emirates

BED room agents -->

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   Darwinian evolution of  organic chemistry expresions VIA humans and their groups ...give the modern last 20 years  of  the Chicago  Bedroom Bedouins  of  JORDAN.

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    Above we have the NBA mentioned.
    NBA = Nitrogenous BASES  basketball teams and their game .plan ---> to manipulate gametes and chromosome thought behavior....hence the 23 chromosome student  hostages  at  Marionette High school theater performance ......puppet string theory bio-physics experiments in  Marinette, Wisconsin via NBA basketball  game --> gamete  commands.
  3. News for Chicago bulls basketball michael jordan
    News for Chicago bull stories  ....

Thus from Nature's theoretical organic chemistry  department  .....we have human molecular strcutures

Michael Jordan: Chicago Bulls Basketball Player

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Thus we see the EARTH  BP = Base Pair signal of agent BP = British Petroleum and  the oil derrick problem  in the GULF of Mexico.

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Other IR stem cell words and the language wars

IRA = Infrared Ang  = Angstrom Anger in Ireland /Irish philosophy nonsense  and the violent optical nerve /skin war  VIA the Itish Republican Army .    What is the eye/retina/pupil/iris  --> iris of Irish  needs to be upgraded with accurate symbolic knowledge   ......that includes the Kennedy optical errors and the Mayor Daley optical errors regarding  atomic English Language and organic chemistry --> social chemistry languages.

Thus the DEMO of the  Democratic  Party  of fun/pleasure/games/comedy dinner PARTY /wedding Party/....
Democrat   ...subset alphabet letters
..em..ocr --> electromagnetic optical character readers in humanoid format

Self- awareness  by   adults over 50 years old important for modern complex society and modern philosophy. But sports,  pizza, beer, and movies  are probably more important to most people.

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